Compassion Fatigue

Natural disasters seem to have dominated the news headlines relentlessly for months now. In our age of technology, we are seeing graphic footage and hearing realtime accounts such that we are shocked more than ever before.

It’s only been recently that I’ve come across the term ‘compassion fatigue’. In our context, it is essentially where we grow so accustomed to seeing pain and suffering that we get tired of it and we stop caring and stop giving.

Whilst I’m sure there are legitimate medical explanations for compassion fatigue, I can’t help but see it as yet another outworking of our sinfulness. Most of us are so comfortable in our lives of wealth and achievement that we can’t maintain the strength to keep caring for others who do not have what we have. Our compassion muscle gets tired and so we stop. God have mercy on us sinners!

If anyone had a legitimate right to compassion fatigue, it was Jesus. Fortunately for us, he never stopped caring for us, and eventually gave everything he had for our sakes.

As for us, lets keep working and strengthening our compassion muscle. There are so many needs around the world in which each of us can truly help. Some of them are in the stories.

Also in these stories are a number of wonderful things to thank our God for.

Please, join me in thanks, praise and humble petition to the creator and sustainer of our world.


Ray Palmer
President, HMP Australia


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