Leah and Lincoln Visiting Australia

Lincoln and Leah

Exciting news!!! Lincoln and Leah are going to visiting Australia in April/May. Wow! HMP is bringing them out to join us in fundraising for a new Christian College campus. This is a fantastic opportunity for you all to meet them (without having to spend thousands of dollars visiting Myanmar!)

They are going to be spending most of their time in Newcastle and Sydney, but if you’d like them to visit your town as well, please let us know.

Whilst they are here, they’ll be visiting ┬áchurches (why not invite them to yours?), sharing meals with people, ┬álearning from us about our culture and teaching us about theirs! They will be giving us a first hand account of what it is like to be a Christian in Myanmar and what the future holds for HMP there.

But the main purpose is to tell us about progress with Vision 2020, and join us for a big fundraising dinner. They are already proceeding with the buildings (read about the plans here) for this project and trusting that God will provide the necessary funds. You are INVITED to come and join them for this unique event. More info about the fundraising dinner is on this page.

Please be praying for their visit, that:

  • they will get their visa
  • the trip will come together ok
  • the dinner will be a success
  • heaps of money will be raised
  • people will be inspired by meeting them
  • Lincoln and Leah will be super-encouraged by meeting all of you
  • we would all grow more excited about what God is doing in us and through us in Myanmar
  • we would all grow in wisdom, humility, love and faith in Jesus!
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