New Academic Year – New Challenges

The academic year started in June and saw five new students arrive from different tribal groups within Myanmar, including Kachin, Lisu and Rakhain. But it has not been an easy year so far. Many students have been sick, some with life-threatening dengue fever. Several were hospitalized and critically ill. With two ‘buddy’ students assigned to look after each sick student, not a lot of study could be done. Although it was looking like one or two wouldn’t make it, we can praise God that they have all since recovered. Below is an update from Naomi, one of RBI’s senior staff members.

We faced new challenges this year because our buildings are not completed yet. We had to find temporary places for them to stay and for class room arrangement.

Right now we are teaching in make-shift class rooms – made from only bamboo and tarpaulin. It is more difficult with the heavy monsoons. There are plenty of leaks and so we need to use our own umbrellas in the class.

Many students all share one small room together, which includes all the cooking, cleaning and eating.

Despite the difficulties we face, we are still thankful for all the love, prayers and supports you have generously given us. The students who were hospital bound have since recovered and are doing well.

We are excited to see the fast progress of the building daily. We can’t wait to move in and feel more settled down. Please, be praying for our relationship with local villagers and the local authorities. They could stop our progress at any moment. Also pray for protection from mosquito related diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.

Thank you so much for everything. May the Lord bless you more and more in the days to come.

In Christ

Temporary Student Accommodation Temporary ClassroomsTemporary Classroom

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