The College is Moving!

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I’m sure you all know about Vision 2020. One major step towards the vision was achieved a few years ago with the purchase of land. The next MASSIVE step is underway now, with the college officially moving to the new location.

But with every big step comes big challenges… The big challenge now is raising enough money to build some decent buildings on the land. It’s possible to build cheap, temporary buildings out of bamboo and thatch, but they don’t last long and of course they offer little protection from weather and noise. Our plan is to build some substantial buildings with brick and concrete, but this requires a lot more money.

So, we need to raise $180,000 for the buildings. Sounds impossible right? (Yep, that’s what we thought…) But our God is a MIGHTY God and if he wants this to happen, then the money will come. Perhaps God is going to use YOU to help provide it! :-)

To help raise the money for this exciting project, we are going to do something we’ve never done before. We are going to bring Lincoln and Leah to Australia to meet the parteners and tell you about the project! (Stay tuned for more information about their visit.) And while they are here, we will be holding a classy fundraising dinner in Newcastle. Its going to be a great night. Tentative date is 1 May, but we’ll confirm that soon.

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