Vision 2020 Fundraising Dinner

Thanks so much to those who came along to the fundraising dinner. It was a great night – lots of fun, lots of money raised and a night honouring Jesus as Lord and King of the nations.

If you couldn’t make it, here is an overview! And check out the photos at the bottom… We also have video if you’d like to watch it. If you receive our newsletter, the video & links are in the latest email. Otherwise contact us and we will send them to you!

On the couch ... Ray, Leah, Lincoln and Pete

As a part of their Australian tour, Lincoln and Leah hosted around 180 people for an evening of entertainment and information in Newcastle.

People were greeted at the door by welcomers with smiling, thanaka faces and traditional Myanmar longyis. They were served green tea in authentic Burmese lacquerware cups as they browsed the markets selling Myanmar wares and listened to live music.

The formalities began with co-hosts Ray and Pete formally welcoming everyone. Pete delivered a very entertaining tongue-in-cheek presentation on Myanmar, noting such ‘facts’ as “Burma invented the cat in 1969…” and that Lincoln and Leah originally wrote and choreographed the hit song ‘Yangon Style’, which “was later ripped off by Korean singer Psy in his adaptation ‘Gangnam Style'”.

Ray then opened the Bible and showed us that in Psalm 67, the writer realised the eternal truth that God blessed Israel in order that people all over the world will praise Him, not for their own glory. Ray encouraged us to realised that, in the same way, God blesses us in our day with money, education and resources, not so we can live prosperous lives ourselves, but so that we can participate in the global mission: that all nations will worship Jesus.

Ray then introduced Lincoln and Leah, to a thunderous applause. Pete, Ray, Lincoln and Leah discussed life in Myanmar. They confirmed or corrected one or two of Pete’s ‘facts’. They shared how they have been ‘blessed’ with the knowledge of Jesus and how they are sharing the love of God and the gospel of Jesus with their people, and they discussed the ways they are training men, women and children in Myanmar.

A wonderful dinner of various Myanmar curries and rice were served by friendly waiters, after which Pete and Lincoln had a brief chilli eating competition. Pete was crowned victorious after only 2 chillis when Lincoln conceded, but it was pretty clear when Pete left the stage that Lincoln was just playing around. After his second and third chillis, he said they “taste like chocolate!”

A round of Myanmar trivia came next, humorously testing the crowd on the eating, driving and social etiquette of the Burmese. Ray and Lincoln then talked in depth about Christianity in Myanmar and about ‘Vision 2020’ and the building project. Lincoln explained how many people in Myanmar are discriminated against, for race and religion, and don’t get the opportunity to get jobs or an education. Vision 2020 is about giving the opportunities to those who won’t otherwise get it – giving them great foundational teaching in the Bible, and also vocational training that they can use to make a living. Lincoln’s hope is that all graduates, whether entering full-time ministry or full-time work, will be equipped to lead others to Jesus.

After an exquisite dessert, the silent auction results were announced, and then a number of items were auctioned from the front, including a beautiful jade necklace from Myanmar and stunning prints generously donated by local photographers.

Finally, Ray summarised the evening, the purpose and the building project and invited us to make our pledges. After a short break to add up the pledges, Ray and Pete announced that with the money raised so far, and the pledges on the night, the building fund had reached around $100,000. Praise God!

A quick wrap up brought an end to a fantastic evening.

It’s not too late to support this project. We’ve now raised around $125,000 and we hope to have the first main building basically completed by July. But to build the other main buildings we need a further $75,000. We’d love to be able to do this soon, as construction prices in Myanmar are on the rise.

If you’d like to support financially, you can donate by direct deposit or by credit card / PayPal:

Direct Deposit
Account Name: Hope Myanmar Partnership Aust. Inc.
BSB: 062831
Account No: 1023 1603
Reference: “Buildings (+ your name if you like)”

PayPal / Credit Card

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