Our Vision

Hope For A Nation

Different people put their hope in different things. In Myanmar, many people have their hope set in political and social change. But in Myanmar, perhaps more so than in any other country, political and social reform in unlikely to occur – at least not quickly. Consequently people’s hopes are flawed. People feel a distinct lack of hope.
Jesus Christ however can provide people with a hope that is certain. Jesus is what the people of Myanmar are looking for!

Helping The Helpless

A typical South East Asia belief is that the true God is one who helps the helpless. And they see our ‘western’ God as one who helps those that help themselves. But our God is the God that they are looking for. He loves to help the helpless. Jesus demonstrated this in the way he attended to those in need. We need to follow Jesus’ example in demonstrating God’s love to his helpless people.

The Paradigm Shift

Change comes through knowledge, knowledge through education. If the people of Myanmar are educated in the Bible, and educated in how to live as followers of Christ, then the paradigm will change. People will stop pitying themselves and wishing for something more. Rather they will have a confidence, a purpose, that allows them to in turn share the gospel message with others.

The Future

Since establishment in 2005 HMP has been struggling to support its current ministries. Some ministries in remote regions had to be abandoned, and staff wages have been very poor, forcing some staff to leave. Our goals for the immediate future are to develop a reliable support base of interested and willing people from other countries, prepared to pray and give money and resources to further the spread of the gospel in Myanmar. We hope to provide adequate staff wages and to be able to provide support to some of the student graduates in their ministries. We are hoping to do this through partnerships with like-minded, gospel-focused churches and individuals. We are seeking groups to partner with us by praying for HMP activities, lending time and skills to the work of HMP, assisting to spread awareness of HMP and of course financial support.

Our ‘Vision 2020’ is for the Bible College to become a Christian College, teaching a variety of courses from sociology and health to computers and languages. In Myanmar education is restricted and people thirst for the opportunity to receive any kind of tuition. To be schooled requires money and the system remains corrupt. Course content is censored and students develop a dependent style of learning. Through the Bible College we hope to teach students to think for themselves, to have enquiring minds and to learn about the world they live in. All students would study Christian subjects, particularly in their early years, before choosing other subjects.

At Blossom parents have been eager for their children who graduate from preschool to continue in primary education. With adequate support in the future, we hope to expand Blossom to include primary education.

If you have been in any way inspired by the story of HMP, please consider partnering with us.

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