Flood damage

The HMP Australia committee are thankful to the Lord for the generosity shown to the Myanmar people by you. This post has more details on the areas affected by the recent floods.  We thankyou for your prayers and support.

In Lincolns and Leah’s trip to Chin state after the floods, they sent back this report on the damage the farms in the area and the ongoing challenges to the people living there.

“‘ Many acres of the paddy fields have also been absolutely washed away by the flood, leaving only the dry barren and sand-filled fields. People who work on the fields usually take the harvest from one year to save for the next. All the reserve saved from the previous harvest has been consumed, there will be no harvest at all this year. Land remediation is required enable future harvests.

There was already the problem of poverty and lack of entrepreneurships in Chin state even before the flood. Due to the natural disaster and ruined farms, the residents have lost many of their sources of income. The flow of money in and out of the area is very little to none; this causes a major blow to the economics of the state. There needs to be an intervention to help reboot the economy of this place and to start the business regrowth.

Some churches believe that this disaster could be God’s judgment on people and many people would gather in huge crowds in a prayer service to ask God for forgiveness. Yet there are still the many who believes that God is taking care of them despite this being the worst natural disaster in Chin history. As we had the opportunity to sit and share with them, we shared and encouraged them that this is neither a judgment from God nor God forgetting them but rather, a transition for a new beginning in this land. We encouraged them that this will bring new perspective into a more meaningful relationship with our Creator ”   Lincoln Bill

Please pray

  • For wisdom and assistance from an agriculture professional to remediate land to enable future harvests.
  • A way forward to  improve the economy in the Chin State
  • That people of Myamar will place their trust in Jesus.  That they would  have know and understand love he cares for them.

Many Thanks

HMP Committee

This is the state of most farms in the flood area, the remains are just rocks and sand.   CaptionFarm damaged by flood

Looks can be deceiving , as the paddy fields look green and thriving but a closer look reveals the land is all but good soil.









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