Food Relief Packages Delivered

Lincoln and Leah and the HMP Australia committee are thankful to the Lord for the generosity shown to the Myanmar people by you, with your prayers and support.   The generous donations were  used to purchase food aid in the form of rice and oil.

Details on how  food has been distributed in given in an update from Lincoln below.

Lincoln and Leah delivering rice and oil packsWe donated rice bags and packages of cooking oil to four villages in Kalay Township, Sagaing Division. We were able to give them a total of 50 bags of rice and 20 packs (a dozen each) of cooking oil.  Three of these villages suffered severe damage to their paddy fields, our team chose the households who suffered the damage and distributed the food accordingly. The remaining village is an official Buddhist village consisting with a total of only 3 Christian households among more than 60 Buddhist households. The Christian families did not receive any help or the relief donations, so we focused on donating the goods to them in that village.


wome with little harvestThese two ladies pictured above are showing us what they have left to eat. There is nothing left for harvest


One morning we met up with those 3 households at a teashop to ask about their situation. They told us their stories of how even before there was a flood, they were being discriminated by neighbors. Till today, even with various flood relief teams, donors and government aids, they are still not receiving any help or form of relief from them. They have been praying for help for weeks and so when we met them, we provided them with rice bags and packs of cooking oil. They are close with us in prayers in our hearts and we hope to visit them again.

Kalay City

Kalay city. In the right, is Kalay city with more than 400,000 inhabitants and the left is paddy fields destroyed by landslide and flood 

Our third segment of the trip we travelled up to Falam and Hakha cities in Chin State. The trip to Falam from Kalaymyo is usually a 5 hour trip north , however due to landslides and demolished roads, we took an the detour took us a long 8 hour car ride to Falam.

The Ngawn Area, located in Falam Township, has 7 smaller villages and we donated 100 bags of rice and 30 packs of cooking oil in this area.  The residents of this area still face great danger in the possible collapsing of their houses with another heavy rainfall and major landslides. Some residents are now waiting on the permit from the government for them to move their village to another location. This Ngawn Area suffered damage to their small hydroelectric plant,  corn and potato plantations, destruction of a number of their water resources and severe damaged roads and bridges.

Falam is not considered a State of Emergency so flood relief teams and help were not sent there.   Many people from these areas face severe shortages of basic necessities like water and food “

Praise God that through donations that through donations of food packages the immediate needs for food were provided.  Please pray that Farms can be prepared for future harvests

Many Thanks and Blessings

HMP Committee





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