Call out for books to send to RBI

The time has come for us to support Lincoln and Leah in taking RBI to the next level. This means seeking accreditation. The benefits from this accreditation are that students will have a recognised qualification that will help their future employment. It also provides quality assurance and accountability for Lincoln, Leah, and the teachers at RBI. At this stage Burmese Christians go to India, Thailand, or the Philippines to get accredited bible college degrees. This accreditation means they can stay in Myanmar and may also attract more students to RBI.

For accreditation to occur RBI needs a library of around 4000-6000 titles. At this stage it has just over 1000. We would like to send them the completed library. A big goal! We have found a shipping company who are willing to send the books. Now we just need the books. This is where you come in. If you have quality theological books that you would be willing to donate please get in touch. We will aim to ship the books by the end of March 2017.

There are two locations where you can drop them off. One in Newcastle, one in Lake Macquarie. Please email to arrange drop off times and find out the appropriate address.

Thanks for your continued support. It is a privilege to be serving God with all of you. 



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