Student Sponsorship

For just $50/month ($600/year) you can help train a young person in Myanmar to spread the gospel and teach the Bible.

Students graduating from Restoration Bible Institute often go on to work in full-time ministry, evangelizing, pastoring churches, leading children’s ministries and sometimes to post-graduate studies.

We now have student profiles ready for those of you interested in sponsoring a student at RBI. You don’t have to commit to a particular time period, we would simply be grateful for your commitment as long as you are able. Sponsors will be allocated a student to pray for and write to.

How to Sponsor

  1. Click here to open contact form in a new window.
  2. Complete form – be sure to tick ‘Student Sponsorship’, and click ’send’ to submit the form.
  3. We will contact you, and walk you through the final steps. Then we’ll send you a photo of your student and a brief bio, along with information about how to make monthly payments.

More Information

What Will My Student Study?

Your student will be studying towards a Bachelor of Theology or Bachelor of Divinity degree. These take 3 and 4 years respectively.

Can I Choose My Student?

You can certainly choose whether to sponsor a young man or a young woman, however students are allocated on a needs basis.

Can I Write To My Student?

Yes! And we encourage you to do so. You can send your handwritten letter to: HMP Sponsorships, PO Box 112, Jesmond NSW 2299. Or you can simply send your letter by email to:

What Does My Sponsorship Cover?

Your monthly sponsorship will provide a student at the Bible College with:

  • Food
  • Stationary
  • A share of the rental costs for the college & dormitory facilities
  • Occasional costs e.g. bedding, medical treatment, extra-curricular activities, mission trips.

What About The Students Without Sponsors?

Of course, all students will be cared for and provided for. In fact, some of your sponsorship funds will sometimes be shared with other students or elsewhere in the ministry as required. But the more students that are sponsored, the better off they will be, and the more students the College can accept.

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