How To Help

Prayer“Our Father in Heaven” knows our needs and gives good gifts to his children when they ask him. God rules his world, sees even things done in secret and is able to provide for all of our needs. So it is right that we should pray to God for the people of Myanmar.

We should pray to God that his name would be regarded as holy there and that his kingdom would be established as the good news of Jesus is preached throughout Myanmar. It is also right that we pray that God will give the people of Myanmar the things they need to live. It is especially important that we pray for the Christians of Myanmar, that they not be led into temptation, but they might do God’s will.

MoneyOne of the best ways we can contribute to the partnership with our friends in Myanmar is by sharing one thing we have a lot of  – money.

Though the ministries there are strong and effective, they lack the ability to raise enough funds internally to sustain themselves. They have the time, training, language, cultural knowledge that we lack. We have the money that they need. Together, we can achieve great things for God.

MaterialsIn order to promote the gospel in Myanmar, various materials are essential. Evangelists need bibles, school teachers need teaching resources, bible school students need stationery and clothing, their teachers need commentaries and other Christian literature.

Some of these things can be purchased inside Myanmar, others cannot. Some things are cheaper there, but sometimes quality is inferior. Consequently, sometimes it is good to send materials from abroad, but other times it is better to just send money and let them buy things there.

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