Call out for books to send to RBI

The time has come for us to support Lincoln and Leah in taking RBI to the next level. This means seeking accreditation. The benefits from this accreditation are that students will have a recognised qualification that will help their future employment. It also provides quality assurance and accountability for Lincoln, Leah, and the teachers at RBI. At this stage Burmese Christians go to India, Thailand, or the Philippines to get accredited bible college degrees. This accreditation means they can stay in Myanmar and may also attract more students to RBI.

For accreditation to occur RBI needs a library of around 4000-6000 titles. At this stage it has just over 1000. We would like to send them the completed library. A big goal! We have found a shipping company who are willing to send the books. Now we just need the books. This is where you come in. If you have quality theological books that you would be willing to donate please get in touch. We will aim to ship the books by the end of March 2017.

There are two locations where you can drop them off. One in Newcastle, one in Lake Macquarie. Please email to arrange drop off times and find out the appropriate address.

Thanks for your continued support. It is a privilege to be serving God with all of you. 



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Flood damage

The HMP Australia committee are thankful to the Lord for the generosity shown to the Myanmar people by you. This post has more details on the areas affected by the recent floods.  We thankyou for your prayers and support.

In Lincolns and Leah’s trip to Chin state after the floods, they sent back this report on the damage the farms in the area and the ongoing challenges to the people living there.

“‘ Many acres of the paddy fields have also been absolutely washed away by the flood, leaving only the dry barren and sand-filled fields. People who work on the fields usually take the harvest from one year to save for the next. All the reserve saved from the previous harvest has been consumed, there will be no harvest at all this year. Land remediation is required enable future harvests.

There was already the problem of poverty and lack of entrepreneurships in Chin state even before the flood. Due to the natural disaster and ruined farms, the residents have lost many of their sources of income. The flow of money in and out of the area is very little to none; this causes a major blow to the economics of the state. There needs to be an intervention to help reboot the economy of this place and to start the business regrowth.

Some churches believe that this disaster could be God’s judgment on people and many people would gather in huge crowds in a prayer service to ask God for forgiveness. Yet there are still the many who believes that God is taking care of them despite this being the worst natural disaster in Chin history. As we had the opportunity to sit and share with them, we shared and encouraged them that this is neither a judgment from God nor God forgetting them but rather, a transition for a new beginning in this land. We encouraged them that this will bring new perspective into a more meaningful relationship with our Creator ”   Lincoln Bill

Please pray

  • For wisdom and assistance from an agriculture professional to remediate land to enable future harvests.
  • A way forward to  improve the economy in the Chin State
  • That people of Myamar will place their trust in Jesus.  That they would  have know and understand love he cares for them.

Many Thanks

HMP Committee

This is the state of most farms in the flood area, the remains are just rocks and sand.   CaptionFarm damaged by flood

Looks can be deceiving , as the paddy fields look green and thriving but a closer look reveals the land is all but good soil.









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Food Relief Packages Delivered

Lincoln and Leah and the HMP Australia committee are thankful to the Lord for the generosity shown to the Myanmar people by you, with your prayers and support.   The generous donations were  used to purchase food aid in the form of rice and oil.

Details on how  food has been distributed in given in an update from Lincoln below.

Lincoln and Leah delivering rice and oil packsWe donated rice bags and packages of cooking oil to four villages in Kalay Township, Sagaing Division. We were able to give them a total of 50 bags of rice and 20 packs (a dozen each) of cooking oil.  Three of these villages suffered severe damage to their paddy fields, our team chose the households who suffered the damage and distributed the food accordingly. The remaining village is an official Buddhist village consisting with a total of only 3 Christian households among more than 60 Buddhist households. The Christian families did not receive any help or the relief donations, so we focused on donating the goods to them in that village.


wome with little harvestThese two ladies pictured above are showing us what they have left to eat. There is nothing left for harvest


One morning we met up with those 3 households at a teashop to ask about their situation. They told us their stories of how even before there was a flood, they were being discriminated by neighbors. Till today, even with various flood relief teams, donors and government aids, they are still not receiving any help or form of relief from them. They have been praying for help for weeks and so when we met them, we provided them with rice bags and packs of cooking oil. They are close with us in prayers in our hearts and we hope to visit them again.

Kalay City

Kalay city. In the right, is Kalay city with more than 400,000 inhabitants and the left is paddy fields destroyed by landslide and flood 

Our third segment of the trip we travelled up to Falam and Hakha cities in Chin State. The trip to Falam from Kalaymyo is usually a 5 hour trip north , however due to landslides and demolished roads, we took an the detour took us a long 8 hour car ride to Falam.

The Ngawn Area, located in Falam Township, has 7 smaller villages and we donated 100 bags of rice and 30 packs of cooking oil in this area.  The residents of this area still face great danger in the possible collapsing of their houses with another heavy rainfall and major landslides. Some residents are now waiting on the permit from the government for them to move their village to another location. This Ngawn Area suffered damage to their small hydroelectric plant,  corn and potato plantations, destruction of a number of their water resources and severe damaged roads and bridges.

Falam is not considered a State of Emergency so flood relief teams and help were not sent there.   Many people from these areas face severe shortages of basic necessities like water and food “

Praise God that through donations that through donations of food packages the immediate needs for food were provided.  Please pray that Farms can be prepared for future harvests

Many Thanks and Blessings

HMP Committee





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iPads for Staff

Our senior bible school staff received a technology boost when they were given iPads at the start of this term. These new tablet computers are extremely portable and are not susceptible to power failures like their old desktop computers.

Those of us with iPads will know that the opportunities with such devices are limitless, with an abundance of apps available, such as bibles, e-books, organisational software, teaching software and much more. What is also helpful is the increasing availability of the internet in Myanmar. There are more internet hotspots becoming available and mobile internet is becoming quite cost effective (though the speeds are still very slow). This will also hopefully provide an easier flow of news between Myanmar and overseas supporters!

iPads for Staff

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Leah on Tour

Leah has been incredibly busy since returning to Myanmar from Australia. She has been visiting Chaing Mai in Thailand to provide training and see her children who are studying there, providing training in Yangon and Mandalay and upgrading Blossom Preschool. Below are some excerpts from her recent emails:


We have 27 students for Blossom this year and it has been very exciting for me to share all the new ideas I learnt from my trip in Australia! I’ve shared it among my co-workers and teachers. We’ve divided the children into 2 different groups and have been able to set up learning corners according to their age. I am very happy and grateful to have had experience of these from Australia… We also have been able to renovate (our premises).

Training in Mandalay

I also went to Mandalay to give training from July 19th-22nd along with my daughters Lydia and Ruth. The training “Simply telling the Bible story”, was about trying to make the bible into an easier language story-form because a lot of them were pure Burmese newly Christians. They have a very hard time understanding the bible when they read it. However, this training helps them to be encouraged in their Christian life and the Bible by simply making it easier for them to understand the true meaning.

One of our former RBI students, Henry travels to Dala,which is on the other side of Yangon to help with a Bible study every Wednesday. He also leads a Children’s Bible lesson on Saturdays.

Training in Chaing Mai, Thailand

 In June I provided 10 days of training for 19 people at Grace Church in Chaingmai. It was amazing how God used me to help others. All the prayers have definitely helped and also have blessed me to bless others. God gave me the opportunity to meet up with the Burmese (mainly Kachin) people here in Chiangmai and I was very encouraged by them as well. We had all our trainees from 7 different churches. Most of them are Kachin, lahhu, akha, Burmese and lisu.
There were 3 courses to the training, and I taught the first course for nearly 2 weeks. This part was about child psychology, child development and observation and the importance of (child centred) learning corners. We would always start our training with morning devotions everyday. One Sunday I preached on Matthew 1-42 at 3 services. It was Children’s Day and I felt like God really used me to encourage all the people, especially the parents. I also got encouraged from it.
Radio RFA also interviewed me about my training and I got to share about Hope Myanmar Partnership.

One of the churches in Chaing Mai that I gave training to will also be starting a child care program in September. It will be beneficial for the mothers since they can leave their children at the center and go out to work. I am still helping them set up the place and get it done by September. There are also a lot of Myanmar workers here in Chiangmai at a Construction site near Payap University (Mary’s Uni). I met up with one of the Burmese Pastors and went to the site and shared about the Gospel. God touched four of the worker’s lives and they decided to be baptized tomorrow and commit themselves to God. PRAISE GOD!!

Mother-Daughter Time

We got to attend our daughter Ruth’s school gradation while in Chaing Mai in June. I am glad Ruth was able to live at one of the senior pastor’s houses there. Mary also had to have her appendix out and then commence  her mid-term university exams immediately after discharge. It was a very stressful week but she is doing well now.

photo photo_4 photo_3 photo_2 photo_1 photo (1) photo (4) photo (3) photo (2)

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New Academic Year – New Challenges

The academic year started in June and saw five new students arrive from different tribal groups within Myanmar, including Kachin, Lisu and Rakhain. But it has not been an easy year so far. Many students have been sick, some with life-threatening dengue fever. Several were hospitalized and critically ill. With two ‘buddy’ students assigned to look after each sick student, not a lot of study could be done. Although it was looking like one or two wouldn’t make it, we can praise God that they have all since recovered. Below is an update from Naomi, one of RBI’s senior staff members.

We faced new challenges this year because our buildings are not completed yet. We had to find temporary places for them to stay and for class room arrangement.

Right now we are teaching in make-shift class rooms – made from only bamboo and tarpaulin. It is more difficult with the heavy monsoons. There are plenty of leaks and so we need to use our own umbrellas in the class.

Many students all share one small room together, which includes all the cooking, cleaning and eating.

Despite the difficulties we face, we are still thankful for all the love, prayers and supports you have generously given us. The students who were hospital bound have since recovered and are doing well.

We are excited to see the fast progress of the building daily. We can’t wait to move in and feel more settled down. Please, be praying for our relationship with local villagers and the local authorities. They could stop our progress at any moment. Also pray for protection from mosquito related diseases such as malaria and dengue fever.

Thank you so much for everything. May the Lord bless you more and more in the days to come.

In Christ

Temporary Student Accommodation Temporary ClassroomsTemporary Classroom

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Building Update

Below are the latest photos of the College building in progress. The wielding of beams and bars in the roof structure is complete and the roofing will be finished in a few days time.

Work on the dormitory building will hopefully start next week, however the low air pressure cell moving over from Vietnam and Thailand arrived in Yangon last night. It has brought heavy rain and the forecast predicts flooding in eight townships around lower-Myanmar. The dormitory building will be started as soon as the heavy rain dies down but all the materials are ready and waiting. They have changed plans slightly and decided on a two-storey (instead of the previously planned one-storey) building. But this will mean additional costs.

Please keep the building progress in your prayers. Pray particularly for continued funding and for calm weather. Pray also for people affected by heavy rains and flooding. Most live in small bamboo-thatch homes and are very vulnerable in the wet-season.

Building Progress Building Progress Building Progress Building Progress Building Progress 

New Land New Land

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Lincoln and Leah’s Aus Visit – Recap

It has been a very fast 5 weeks in Australia!

Lincoln and Leah have been able to do so much there, they have learned a lot and have been extremely encouraged.

Here are some highlights:

  • Visited Brisbane to catch up with long term friends, as well as an extended family member
  • Visited 4 church congregations in Newcastle and 1 in Sydney
  • Participated in elders and staff meetings at two churches in Newcastle
  • Attended the HMP Australia AGM
  • Visited bible colleges in Sydney: Moore College and SMBC
  • Visited Melbourne to fellowship and encourage a Chin church there
  • Visited Adelaide to fellowship and encourage a Chin church there.
  • A 2 night ‘holiday’ at Port Stephens (their first holiday ever with just the two of them!)
  • Kayaking on the Hawkesbury River
  • A 30 minute flight lesson in a Cessna 152 (Lincoln’s childhood dream!)
  • Lots of fellowshipping with partners and friends

And here are some photos…

IMG_0505 IMG_0520 IMG_0072 IMG_0088 IMG_0090 IMG_0268 IMG_0355 IMG_0395 IMG_4084 IMG_0471 IMG_3986 HMP Fundraiser-24 HMP Fundraiser-20

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Building Project Update

The building work is underway!

So far, we have committed to building the first 2-storey building – that’s the main octagonal one in the middle – as well as the dormitories and kitchen/dining buildings. Once we have raised a bit more, we can build the other two 2-storey buildings.

The project budget is $200,000. Thanks be to God, we’ve raised around $121,000 already. Please pray that we’d be able to raise the remaining funds so that the buildings can be built before the construction costs go up too much.

Have a look at the model, plans and progress photos below. It’s progressing quickly!!

College Image 1 - 1200 2 storey schoolGF 2 storey school 1F RBI Building 2

7th May:

Casting short column from footing to ground beam soffit (bottom)2 Excavation for 9 inches thick retaining wall1 Back  filling work Brick water tank for general used near woman hostel Casting short column from footing to ground beam soffit (bottom) and back filling Casting short column from footing to ground beam soffit (bottom)


17 May:

Casting column from ground floor to first floor beam soffit(bottom of beam level) Casting column from ground floor to first floor beam soffit(bottom of beam level)1 Casting column from ground floor to first floor beam soffit(bottom of beam level)2 Casting column from ground floor to first floor beam soffit(bottom of beam level)3 Casting column from ground floor to first floor beam soffit(bottom of beam level)4 Casting column from ground floor to first floor beam soffit(bottom of beam level)5 Casting column from ground floor to first floor beam soffit(bottom of beam level)6 Casting column from ground floor to first floor beam soffit(bottom of beam level)7 Casting column from ground floor to first floor beam soffit(bottom of beam level)8 Casting column from ground floor to first floor beam soffit(bottom of beam level)9 Pipe support for first floor beam and slab. Rebar for column from ground to first

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Vision 2020 Fundraising Dinner

Thanks so much to those who came along to the fundraising dinner. It was a great night – lots of fun, lots of money raised and a night honouring Jesus as Lord and King of the nations.

If you couldn’t make it, here is an overview! And check out the photos at the bottom… We also have video if you’d like to watch it. If you receive our newsletter, the video & links are in the latest email. Otherwise contact us and we will send them to you!

On the couch ... Ray, Leah, Lincoln and Pete

As a part of their Australian tour, Lincoln and Leah hosted around 180 people for an evening of entertainment and information in Newcastle.

People were greeted at the door by welcomers with smiling, thanaka faces and traditional Myanmar longyis. They were served green tea in authentic Burmese lacquerware cups as they browsed the markets selling Myanmar wares and listened to live music.

The formalities began with co-hosts Ray and Pete formally welcoming everyone. Pete delivered a very entertaining tongue-in-cheek presentation on Myanmar, noting such ‘facts’ as “Burma invented the cat in 1969…” and that Lincoln and Leah originally wrote and choreographed the hit song ‘Yangon Style’, which “was later ripped off by Korean singer Psy in his adaptation ‘Gangnam Style'”.

Ray then opened the Bible and showed us that in Psalm 67, the writer realised the eternal truth that God blessed Israel in order that people all over the world will praise Him, not for their own glory. Ray encouraged us to realised that, in the same way, God blesses us in our day with money, education and resources, not so we can live prosperous lives ourselves, but so that we can participate in the global mission: that all nations will worship Jesus.

Ray then introduced Lincoln and Leah, to a thunderous applause. Pete, Ray, Lincoln and Leah discussed life in Myanmar. They confirmed or corrected one or two of Pete’s ‘facts’. They shared how they have been ‘blessed’ with the knowledge of Jesus and how they are sharing the love of God and the gospel of Jesus with their people, and they discussed the ways they are training men, women and children in Myanmar.

A wonderful dinner of various Myanmar curries and rice were served by friendly waiters, after which Pete and Lincoln had a brief chilli eating competition. Pete was crowned victorious after only 2 chillis when Lincoln conceded, but it was pretty clear when Pete left the stage that Lincoln was just playing around. After his second and third chillis, he said they “taste like chocolate!”

A round of Myanmar trivia came next, humorously testing the crowd on the eating, driving and social etiquette of the Burmese. Ray and Lincoln then talked in depth about Christianity in Myanmar and about ‘Vision 2020’ and the building project. Lincoln explained how many people in Myanmar are discriminated against, for race and religion, and don’t get the opportunity to get jobs or an education. Vision 2020 is about giving the opportunities to those who won’t otherwise get it – giving them great foundational teaching in the Bible, and also vocational training that they can use to make a living. Lincoln’s hope is that all graduates, whether entering full-time ministry or full-time work, will be equipped to lead others to Jesus.

After an exquisite dessert, the silent auction results were announced, and then a number of items were auctioned from the front, including a beautiful jade necklace from Myanmar and stunning prints generously donated by local photographers.

Finally, Ray summarised the evening, the purpose and the building project and invited us to make our pledges. After a short break to add up the pledges, Ray and Pete announced that with the money raised so far, and the pledges on the night, the building fund had reached around $100,000. Praise God!

A quick wrap up brought an end to a fantastic evening.

It’s not too late to support this project. We’ve now raised around $125,000 and we hope to have the first main building basically completed by July. But to build the other main buildings we need a further $75,000. We’d love to be able to do this soon, as construction prices in Myanmar are on the rise.

If you’d like to support financially, you can donate by direct deposit or by credit card / PayPal:

Direct Deposit
Account Name: Hope Myanmar Partnership Aust. Inc.
BSB: 062831
Account No: 1023 1603
Reference: “Buildings (+ your name if you like)”

PayPal / Credit Card

Green Tea in Lacquerware Cups HMP Fundraiser-5 Balloons Markets Ray and Pete HMP Fundraiser-19 HMP Fundraiser-18 HMP Fundraiser-24 HMP Fundraiser-23 HMP Fundraiser-22 HMP Fundraiser-6 HMP Fundraiser-14 HMP Fundraiser-13 HMP Fundraiser-12 HMP Fundraiser-11 HMP Fundraiser-10


Thanks to our event sponsors:

logo   rhema_logo_smallMEZZA-LOGO_blue

And the following supporters:

James Goff Photography | Ellis Lamont Photography | Wild Rose Sweets & Styling | Leenane Templeton


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