Building Update

Below are the latest photos of the College building in progress. The wielding of beams and bars in the roof structure is complete and the roofing will be finished in a few days time.

Work on the dormitory building will hopefully start next week, however the low air pressure cell moving over from Vietnam and Thailand arrived in Yangon last night. It has brought heavy rain and the forecast predicts flooding in eight townships around lower-Myanmar. The dormitory building will be started as soon as the heavy rain dies down but all the materials are ready and waiting. They have changed plans slightly and decided on a two-storey (instead of the previously planned one-storey) building. But this will mean additional costs.

Please keep the building progress in your prayers. Pray particularly for continued funding and for calm weather. Pray also for people affected by heavy rains and flooding. Most live in small bamboo-thatch homes and are very vulnerable in the wet-season.

Building Progress Building Progress Building Progress Building Progress Building Progress 

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