Lincoln and Leah’s Aus Visit – Recap

It has been a very fast 5 weeks in Australia!

Lincoln and Leah have been able to do so much there, they have learned a lot and have been extremely encouraged.

Here are some highlights:

  • Visited Brisbane to catch up with long term friends, as well as an extended family member
  • Visited 4 church congregations in Newcastle and 1 in Sydney
  • Participated in elders and staff meetings at two churches in Newcastle
  • Attended the HMP Australia AGM
  • Visited bible colleges in Sydney: Moore College and SMBC
  • Visited Melbourne to fellowship and encourage a Chin church there
  • Visited Adelaide to fellowship and encourage a Chin church there.
  • A 2 night ‘holiday’ at Port Stephens (their first holiday ever with just the two of them!)
  • Kayaking on the Hawkesbury River
  • A 30 minute flight lesson in a Cessna 152 (Lincoln’s childhood dream!)
  • Lots of fellowshipping with partners and friends

And here are some photos…

IMG_0505 IMG_0520 IMG_0072 IMG_0088 IMG_0090 IMG_0268 IMG_0355 IMG_0395 IMG_4084 IMG_0471 IMG_3986 HMP Fundraiser-24 HMP Fundraiser-20

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