Feedback on the 2013 Pastors Conference

Wow! It came and went so quickly, but the Pastors Conference was again a huge success! We sent Greg, a senior pastor from Newcastle Australia, for his second trip to Myanmar. Here’s what he had to say about the conference.

It was an almost overwhelming privilege to spend three days with 110 pastors  walking our way through Hebrews.
Over nine sessions, we began at Hebrews 1:1 with God’s speaking in the past through his prophets and then explored the thirteen chapters, seeing the greatness of God’s revelation in Jesus. We aimed to locate the major points of each passage, how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament and then how to preach this passage today. At the end of the conference the pastors had at least ten outline sermons from Hebrews.

The enthusiasm of the local pastors for God’s word really was infectious. They wrestled with the trickier passages. They probed and asked questions about how ideas and chapters fitted together. But their greatest desire was to submit to Jesus and then preach Him to Burma.

I had one particularly encouraging conversation over lunch on the last day (a really nice pork dish!). The pastor I was chatting with said that he had always chosen his passage from whatever had struck him in the Bible that week. Now he planned to work his way through a book of the Bible with his church. And he felt equipped to do it!

Overall it was a tremendously encouraging conference. As always I felt more blessed than a blessing!

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Now I’m sure you are all wondering about Greg’s commitment to eating dog or rat if the money was raised. Well, we didn’t quite get to the ‘rat’ target, but Greg was true to his word about eating dog! Scroll down to see a quick video of him and his unusual meal.

Again, thank you all for your amazing support in getting the funds together (more than $8000!), for your prayers and for spreading the word about this ministry. This partnership would not work without you!!

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